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Increased Measures taken by Sabha for COVID-19

Dear Members,

The Government of Singapore has announced further stringent measures yesterday to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In light of this announcement, Sabha is adopting stricter measures with immediate effect for Vaidheeham services, visits to Veda Nivas, events at Veda Nivas as well as for the Veda & Shloka classes.

These measures are driven by two major factors:

1. Facilitate the performance of those karmas which have to be done at a given time and date.

Shraddhams and Apara karyams (final rites) will be given preference over other samskaras like Jataka, Nama Karanam, Pooja, Homam and Japam.

2. Safeguard the health of our purohits.

Our Purohits are the knowledge resource for the performance of our rituals. Thus, we have a collective duty to safeguard their health.

With the above in mind, Sabha will be taking the following steps with immediate effect:

  • Sabha purohit services will made available only to Sabha members.

  • All visitors to Veda Nivas will have to provide the Contact and Recent Travel Details

  • Complete suspension of all of the below listed purohit services at Veda Nivas and/or at the residences of kartas and/or outside premises

    • All Samskaras, Pooja, Homa & Japa Karmas where there will be more than 10 persons. (Note: Purohits have been advised not to conduct the services if upon reaching the karta’s house they find the total number of persons is more than 10)

    • All Samskara, Pooja, Homa & Japa Services that are not either at Veda Nivas or at the residence of the karta

    • Monthly Vishnu Sahasranamam, Traimasika Parayanam. Sri Rama Navami Pooja, Eka Dina Koti Nama Parayanam and other major public events

  • Partial suspension of Monthly activities

    • Pradosha Pooja will be performed by only purohits at Veda Nivas.

    • Pournami Pooja will be performed by only purohits at Veda Nivas.

    • Shloka classes will be shifted online based on agreements between the purohit and the students;

    • Veda classes, where Face-to-Face is the recommended way, will be based on agreements between the purohit and the students and subject to the government regulations, else suspended.

  • Shraddham

    • Bookings will only be taken for Hiranya Shraddham or Sankalpa Shraddham (Hiranya Shraddham with bhojanam).

    • Bookings will NOT be taken for Paarvana Shraddham (Shraddham with homam)

  • No disruption

    • Tharpanams & Hiranya Shraddham at Veda Nivas

    • Apara Karyams (to the best possible, restrict the number of persons as per Government directive)

Sabha, along with Purohits retain the right to refuse services, either at Veda Nivas or at karta’s residence, to anyone who might be unwell.

Sabha will revise these measures from time-to-time depending upon changing circumstances.

Considering such measures may give rise to queries with respect to following our dharmic traditions, we urge members to reach out to our purohits for clarifications. Sabha purohits are well versed with the dharma shastras and members are requested to follow their advise and recommendations. As per our traditions, purohits in our place of residence, are placed at a higher pedestal and are accorded due respect. Hence, we request the members not to pressurise the purohits if the inputs provided by them do not align with the member’s expectations.

With a view to minimise the Purohits exposure to the outside environment when they take taxi or public transport, we urge members who have personal transport, to facilitate pick-up and drop-off for them. If the member does not have a personal transport, the purohits will take a taxi.

Apart from the total number of persons not exceeding 10, the Government directive urges everyone to maintain Social Distancing. Hence, MC requests members who have booked the time slots for Tharpanam or Hiranya Shraddham adhere to the time slot provided. This will minimise the physical contact between persons and ensure adequate Social Distancing at Veda Nivas.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in this regard. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email the MC or contact our purohits.

Issued in the interest to keep observing our Dharma even in these challenging times.


With prayers for the welfare of the world,



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